Nihilism II: Unwavering Darkness

from by Dead



I cannot see this world
That I have found myself in
No light may penetrate
This cosmic void
Bottomless emptiness
Fills my chest
Nothing can keep me going
Nothing can save me now

I cannot find my way out, I have no guiding light
What can I do now but crawl forward
And hope that someday I will find the edge
Of this unwavering darkness

What is man
But yet another beast
Scrounging in the dirt
Trying to find some purpose in this
We are
pure insignificance
What meaning is there to be found?
Does anything really matter?


A wave of ice slowly creeps into my skin
My flesh begins to tremble, my eyes lose focus, my limbs weaken

I begin to fall

I know not what can be done
I know not what lies in store
For I have lost all direction
For I have lost all purpose

I begin to wander
The bleak and desolate wastes
I have found myself in chains
Slowly growing colder with each step
I hope the next may be my last
For I long for the sun to set on my life
The dusk of my existence
The sweet kiss of nothing

All that was once bright
Now lays dead and dormant
No light touches this hallowed ground
Thick cracks carve its surface
Thick cracks carve my surface

I begin to fade

Forever I shall be, the wanderer
Lost in a sea of desolation


from Nihilism, released March 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Dead Kalispell, montana

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